The Brewery

About us

Located near to Whicham Valley, the brewery is sat very closely to Black Combe, a popular walk, which falls just short of 30ft of being a mountain. This boast beautiful views of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and The Isle of Man on clear days and holds many memories for locals in the surrounding areas.

Our modern craft brewery, which is based in an old flour mill, continues to produce our fine range of beers to suit all palates.

There are plenty of seasonal beers made by ourselves, as well as our famous five to Include Black Dog Freddy, Rev Rob, Iron Town, Leat and our most recent, Barley Blonde.

How it all Started

Formerly known as Cumberland, The Green – Cumbria has become home of Beckstones Brewery since (2002). Originally, the brewery was specially built for Dave to enjoy creating beer, which had been his hobby for over 30 years.

Throughout his life there were many influences by different towns and people he met from his days travelling the country. From overnight stays in famous brewery towns, his love for craft beer became stronger.

The Brewery

Beckstones Brewery is extremely fortunate to have its own spring to provide its own water supply. The brewery is also equipped with a five barrel plant and specially designed floor, sourced from Cumbrian slate to maximise drainage.

The Important Part, the Beer

We offer our famous five beers all year round as well as seasonal and specials. Black Dog Freddy – our most loved beer was especially brewed because of the family black Labrador. Freddy became a very popular and very much loved gun dog within the local community and even nationally after becoming champion beer of Britain in 2008. However, despite all his fame he still remained a much grounded, hard working gun dog out in the surrounding countryside and his memory lives on in the beer.

This fine ale will be the family’s most special recipe and still continues to fly off the shelves due to its high demand.

Dave is now spending his time watching others do the ”graft” and occasionally jumping in. He keeps a very close eye on the brewing process to make sure it continues to produce the same very high standard beer, which earned Beckstones the reputation it holds. After years of working hard, he can enjoy sampling the brews and watch Beckstones thrive.